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Log highlighting

Posted: 10 Feb 2017, 09:20
by ViolentOr
Hi, Centeractive!

Great software, i'm already (almost) in love with it. But there's one feature that is just must have for my needs -- more flexible highlighting.
For instance, i have a lot of lines with INFO level, but most of them can be split in more subcategories (based on text following the log level). Some of them are indicating successfull end of process, some report server health and so on (and i would love to see them in different color).

For me -- there's great realization in LogExpert (_ - not an advirtisement, but feel free to remove the link). It supports regexp based highlightning with possibility for highlight prioritization.

Any chance smth like this will be implemented in your product?

Re: Log highlighting

Posted: 08 Apr 2017, 12:56
by urs.minder
Sorry for the late reply. The requested custom highlighting feature is in our backlog since long but has always been overrated by other functionality. It is however now under development and will be made available with the next Retrospective release.

Re: Log highlighting

Posted: 14 Apr 2017, 15:19
by ViolentOr

Awesome news! Will be waiting! Any canary builds availible? :roll:

Re: Log highlighting

Posted: 12 May 2017, 16:25
by centeractive
There's a build now that could be used for illustrating the new highlighting feature. We would be glad to get your feedback. Please tell us what operation system you're using and we'll provide a temporary version of this intermediate Retrospective release.

Re: Log highlighting

Posted: 12 May 2017, 16:34
by ViolentOr
Main one - Windows 7