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by patrick.bedert
17 Apr 2015, 09:22
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: Getting OutOfMemoryErrors [HINT]
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Getting OutOfMemoryErrors [HINT]

From time to time I'm getting OutOfMemory errors that are visible in Retrospective.log. What should I do about it? How can I provide sufficient information required for the diagnosis of the problem causing the OOM?
by patrick.bedert
17 Jul 2014, 11:28
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: Ubuntu-crash when exploding tabs into > 8 windows [HINT]
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Ubuntu-crash when exploding tabs into > 8 windows [HINT]

On Ubuntu 12.04, we experienced system crashes when exploding Retrospective Log Analyzer in more than 8 separate application windows. It seems to be related to the system using an nvidia graphics card in combination with the nouveau graphics driver. Switching to the Nvidia accelerated graphics drive...

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