The next release of Retrospective is now available (2.0.2)

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The next release of Retrospective is now available (2.0.2)

Postby centeractive » 14 Jun 2012, 17:33

The next release of Retrospective is now available, version 2.0.2

We have a some new and improved features for you!
• Auto find option for each step of manual configuration of line recognition, date recognition and column splitting, all of which make configuration even easier than before.

The auto-find is always invoked for step 1 (line split recognition) and step 2 (date recognition) but not for step 3 (column splitting) and the only option previously was to make any change manually. Now with the new button “Auto-find” you can automatically configure the column split files for log4j (most common cases), Tibco Businessworks, Apache2, Apache Common Format, Apache Tomcat/JBoss, EMS/JMS, Hawk and Agorum.

• Copy/paste of configuration. Especially useful for servers running in load balance or failover mode where files are duplicated.

• Create duplicate Config entry but on another server – particularly useful for configuration of servers running in failover or fault tolerant mode where the identical file exists on both servers.

• Improved automatic configuration of files when being added. (Date)

• Additional filters for Search: Date/time (“is before” and “is after”).

Also, a number of bugs have been fixed which are documented in the release notes.

Retrospective is immediately available as a free 30 day trial download.

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