Retrospective 2.1.2 with SSH key authentication released

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Retrospective 2.1.2 with SSH key authentication released

Postby Lukasz » 05 Oct 2012, 15:43

We are happy to announce that we just released Retrospective 2.1.2.

In this release we implemented the desired SSH key authentication, improved performance and compatibility for Mac OS, implemented progress indication for search and tail and few other enhancements. We also fixed 23 bugs.

Here some details:

  • Support for SSH keys
  • Improve compatibilty with OSX 10.8
  • Possibility to un/hide columns on the results table
  • Simple progress indication. The following indicators have been added to the lower part of a search tab:
    • overall progress bar
    • amount of time spent
    • amount of data processed over total data included in the profile (in KB, MB, GB, TB)
    • number of sources (files, tables, etc.) that were searched/tailed over successfully
    • number of sources (files, tables, etc.) over which the search/tail failed
  • Autofind check box added to the "Add File" window
  • Progress indication for autofind configuration. A progress bar over the sources table has been added to indicate the status of autofind process. The user can cancel the autofind and the selected profile will remain in the state as before autofind was invoked
  • Change of labels from "Save desktop" to "Save view"
  • Possibility to rename search and tail tab on right click

Thank you very much for your valuable feedback.

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