Retrospective 3.3.0 released!

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Retrospective 3.3.0 released!

Postby markus » 02 Sep 2014, 20:47

Many improvements and concepts from real IT projects have made their way into release 3.3 of Retrospective. Even though you may not actually see much change visually, the engine has really been polished!

Retrospective can now monitor complex log configurations with rotating logs and other more unorthodox log management patterns using the new Dynamic Tail feature.

The search algorithm has been improved with a sophisticated logarithmic narrow-down procedure. If you search many large files using a date/time criteria, Retrospective will optimize the search by only considering the data at the start and at the end of each file, stepwise narrowing down to the target data. This works even for .gz or .tar compressed files. Finally, a “not contains” filter also made its way into the release.

We have enhanced the metadata and status reporting for the user. More and clearer information is now output during the automatic configuration and the search process.

The file browser and log file selection has been revamped with breadcrumb style navigation and it remembers the last user interactions. Also a conceptual change in the selection of log files has been made:
• The sometimes confusing “Directory” and “Filter” selections have been discarded in favor of a new and simplified “Group” selection.
• You can now use “Deep Wildcards” that travel down sub-directories. So one simple data source definition can be used to track down a multitude of leaf directories in a log file setup.
• The mouse navigation is now more straightforward and precise.

The view management now enables practical handling of your views. Have you ever “exploded” a couple of Retrospective tabs on a 2 or 3 monitor setup? Now you can properly save your personal window configuration on several screens including all filters and log file configurations.

We also tried to make the Retrospective manual link shorter and more precise, but still revealing the power and nitty-gritty of Retrospective.

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