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Retrospective FAQ

Where does Retrospective come from?

  • From our team that was responsible for supporting the Tibco middleware application at the largest Telecoms company in Switzerland - they needed a tool to help analyse production issues over 45,000 logs totalling 2Tb on 10 different servers and there were no reasonably priced and easy to use products available to help us (and there still aren’t.., other than Retrospective! :) )

My search stopped prematurely with too little data and with a warning that a limit had been reached and to refine my search. How can I increase the amount of data collected?

  • Change the settings in the retrospective.ini file (Xmx256M to Xmx1024M and DLargeDataLimitInMB=10 to DLargeDataLimitInMB=30, or whatever but don’t overdo it..)

Do I need to install a JRE first

  • Well, you need a JRE somehow. Enter “java –version” in a cmd window and see if you have at least version 1.6. If not , either install a JRE from oracle or use our installer with JRE(Windows only currently).

How does your upgrade policy work?

  • You get one year’s worth of upgrades (functionality and bug fixes) for free with your first year’s subscription. After that, you can continue the upgrade programme with a 50% discounted price which includes upgrades and support .

I have a problem, it’s not working how I think it should work?

  • Send us a bug report and we’ll look at it. If it’s a bug we’ll try and fix for the next release and if it’s a new feature we’ll consider whether we’ll implement it.

What is your product roadmap

  • We want to make Retrospective the best product and one that you’ll feel happy recommending to friends so we’re always trying to implement cool stuff that you’ll like. If there’s something you’d really like, let us know, and we’ll take a look at it!

Why isn’t there an installer for Mac and Linux?

  • We haven’t had time yet J We’ll get there sometime!

Is there a 32 bit version for my pre-2006 Mac?

  • We just assumed all Mac Fanboys would have junked that old stuff by now! J Just let us know you’d like one and we’ll make one for you!

Can I run multiple versions?

  • Yes, just use different directories

Do you have volume pricing?

  • There are two types of Retrospective licenses: a Personal License and a Company License. Personal License may be bought only by private persons who use their own funds to obtain the product for commercial or private purposes. The license may be used solely by the person who paid for the product. If you want to buy more than 3 Company Licenses, we will be happy to offer you a special volume discount. Just request a quote through the buy page.

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