Comparison to competing products

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Comparison to competing products

Postby tomekn » 01 Oct 2012, 21:11

I think it would be valuable to post some sort of comparison chart/feature matrix against other similar products. It would both tell your customers what are the strengths as well as guide you, highlighting importing missing features. By quick googling I found the following competitors. Some are cloud-based while others run on desktop:

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Re: Comparison to competing products

Postby Lukasz » 03 Oct 2012, 18:05


That's a great idea. Thanks a lot for this hint. We'll definitely write a blg on how Retrospective stands out from competitive products.

For the time being you may want to take a look at the following blogs:

Supersonic Fast
Here Retrospecitive's preformance was compared to grep.
http://www.retrospective.centeractive.c ... sonic-fast

On-call support made easy
Here we show on real life example how problems on a system can be identified within a few minutes.
http://www.retrospective.centeractive.c ... -made-easy

Other blogs regarding UI - we put a lot of effort on user friendliness.


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