Database Support in Retrospective

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Database Support in Retrospective

Postby markus » 16 Jul 2012, 10:40

This feature is about adding database support to Retrospective.
The first task is to write a user story, that outlines the work for this feature and allows for an estimation

A) how the database data is displayed together with the file based data to the user and how he can use this.

Please make a minimum of 3 interviews with users that have asked for the database functionality specifically, to understand their different point of views on how they would use the feature.
The result of this should be a specification about how we want to mix database with file data, with focus on the result data display, the columnar display vs. full data (or char separated data from database columms)

B) how the user want to configure database sources. This includes how user can deal with selection of searched vs. displayed columns, and how user can work with database indexes to ensure that database read performance for his queries will be sufficient. Also we need to understand what database objects we want to support in the first version and later (tables, views, queries..)

C) include Retrospective core into the analysis, to ensure we can technically cope with the requirements from A) and B) when providing the search and tail functionality.

The goal is to provide a database support in a simple form as a first step, but that may be extended later on.
Because database support, and especially the mixed (correctly date merged view) of database and file data used in search and tail,
is a key added value of Retrospective, it is better to provide a simpler solution at the beginning instead of capturing all possible features.

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