An instant notification about errors

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An instant notification about errors

Postby Szpak » 14 Dec 2012, 19:42

Retrospective helps me greatly allowing to merge messages from different logs on different machines. Currently we deploy our applications on a test/QA environment and I would like to know when something wrong happens (i.e. an ERROR in log) to take a look at it. It would be great to have an ability to be informed about new errors (or other messages matching given criteria) via desktop notification/sound/jabber message/something else. Retrospective could support playing a sound clip, but for more demanding users the could be an ability to call any system command with defined parameters, like:
notify-send "%H %L" "%100M" --hint=int:transient:1
where %L could be message level (ERROR, WARNING), %H host, %100M message (a part of - here 100 first characters).

It would be needed to apply some throttling rules to not to spam user (one message per block, not more than one per X seconds, an ability to quick disabled it from GUI, ...) .

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Re: An instant notification about errors

Postby markus » 30 Aug 2013, 12:09

This is a great suggestion, thanks for the posting!
We are thinking about an "analytics" part of Retrospective.
This would fullfill the mentioned requirements.
However, there is so much stuff on the product backlog, I cannot promise any release dates.
Your input is very valuable to us, and we will certainly include it into our design spec for the future analytics part of Retrospective

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