Multiple Profile selection [DONE]

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Multiple Profile selection [DONE]

Postby MvG » 17 Jan 2013, 12:40

Hi, I would like to be able to select more than one Profile in a search/tail pane.

so I can quickly change the files i'm searching thru, without creating a individual Profile, just by holding the CTRL key and selecting more than one Profile I'm intressed in.

Thanks Martin
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Re: Multiple Profile selection

Postby georgios.stathis » 21 Jan 2013, 11:43

Hi Martin,

Thank you for using Retrospective and for providing us with your useful feedback. We have a similar feature planned where the user
can select a portion of the sources that are included in a profile. It's kind of the other way round that you mentioned but we will consider
as well your idea for multiple selection of profiles.

Kind regards,
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Re: Multiple Profile selection

Postby urs.minder » 12 Sep 2014, 20:11

MvG wrote:I would like to be able to select more than one Profile in a search/tail pane.

    It is actually already possible to select data sources from multiple profiles to be used for searching and monitoring. In your search tab, switch to the advance mode and you'll see a button with a tree-like icon appearing right to the profiles drop-down list. When you click on this button, a dialog appears where the different persistent profiles are listed. In there you can select entire profiles. You can also select individual data sources of different profiles and compose a new set of data sources that may be stored in a new profile or be used on the fly.

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