Multiple logfiles adding option

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Multiple logfiles adding option

Postby MvG » 21 Nov 2013, 11:01

Hi ,
we have arround 20 Server to monitor and a lot of logfiles for different engines.

in the current version it takes a lot of time to create a profile for all the engines.
I would be able to create a short list of Servers an Logfiles we have for each Server.

so the cool thing would be a import function for a csv list like server,user,pw,ProfileName,Path, .... to get the Profiles created in one go.

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Re: Multiple logfiles adding option

Postby urs.minder » 22 Nov 2013, 11:23

Within its profile manager, Retrospective already offers the functionality to easily clone configurations to different servers and adapt individual paths if desired. That way you can quickly create a complex profile that includes data sources from many different servers.

  • Open the profile manager.
  • Create a new profile or select an existing one.
  • Add a data source for an initial server.
  • Open a search view and start searching in the profile in question in order to test the configuration you made for one server. Adapt the configuration if needed.
  • Go back to the profile manager and select the initially created data source, then press the right mouse button. This will show a context menu from where you choose the 'Clone to' item in order to have the same configuration cloned to an additional server.
  • Select the cloned data source, activate the right mouse button again and choose the 'Change source path' item if you want to adapt the path.
  • Perform the 'Clone to' and optionally also the 'Change source path' function for all your servers.
Does this procedure help you in speeding up your task or do you still think, the external configuration file you requested would be a major benefit?
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Re: Multiple logfiles adding option

Postby MvG » 22 Nov 2013, 14:12

Hi Urs,
thanks for the quick reply. Yes, I still think there should be a quicker way to add multiple profiles.
One problem is that it needs some time each time you are accessing a server.

if the configfile would not contain these hash links I would be able to create a configfile with a script.


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