Getting OutOfMemoryErrors [HINT]

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Getting OutOfMemoryErrors [HINT]

Postby patrick.bedert » 17 Apr 2015, 09:22

From time to time I'm getting OutOfMemory errors that are visible in Retrospective.log. What should I do about it? How can I provide sufficient information required for the diagnosis of the problem causing the OOM?
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Re: Getting OutOfMemoryErrors [HINT]

Postby marek.psiuk » 20 Apr 2015, 10:45

Hey Patrick,

OOMs happened for certain situations in the past. Now I've fixed all the reported problems but of course something always could be missed.

In order to be able to fix an OOM situation I need a heap dump. To have the heap dump generated upon encountering OOM you should add the following flags to the file retrospective.ini located in the Retrospective installation directory (e.g. C:\Program Files\Retrospective on a Windows system):

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The flags should be added after the line "-XX:+UseCompressedOops", so at the end the file could look as follows on a Windows system:

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When Retrospective is started with these two flags added, as soon as OOM happens the heap dump will be generated in C:/<PATH_TO_SOME_DIRECTORY>. Please, be aware that the heap dump can be quite huge - it can take even up to 1 GB. When you have it, you then compress it, upload to some sharing platform (e.g. Dropobox) and send a respective link to together with the Retrospective.log file. If you do not have access to any sharing platform, let us now, we'll provide you with some solution.

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