High CPU usage on Linux [SOLVED]

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High CPU usage on Linux [SOLVED]

Postby rombert » 26 Oct 2012, 14:39


I see a similar issue has been reported for Mac, but perhaps it's a different one on Linux. Retrospective takes up ~40% CPU time on my computer ( OpenSUSE Linux x84_64, Kernel 3.4.11, Gnome 3.6.1, OpenJDK 1.7.0_7 ) . This seems like a bug since the machine is a Thinkpad W520 and should handle a log watcher without any problems.

I have a Yourkit snapshot saved ( using tracing, not sampling ) if you'd like to know more. I can't make and educated guess since the class names and methods are obfuscated, but I can send it to you privately if needed. I'll just post a screenshot of the call tree, perhaps it rings some bells for you.


If you think the Mac fixes for 2.3 possibly fixed this problem as well, I'd be happy to try a pre-release build and let you know.



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