Opensphere Test Suite and Message Detector 2.5 launched

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Opensphere Test Suite and Message Detector 2.5 launched

Postby markus » 18 Jun 2012, 12:15

After quite some intensive time of reworking and improving our software, I am happy to announce the launch of Opensphere 2.5.0, the fast and easy way for messaging and web service testing.

It is still built on the reliable and easy to use structure as the old version, but there are quite some improvements. We also kept the 2-part structure of the Test Suite containing all the features, and a separate Message Detector with the essential record-replay functionality when working with JMS or RV based messaging. The web service clients and servers in the Test Suite have undergone massive rework, we think it is now as fast and slick as possible to quickly set up a couple of simulators. Please tell us what you think.

We have stuffed all information on, expect more to come in the next weeks.

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