Opensphere Test Suite 2.5.1 released

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Opensphere Test Suite 2.5.1 released

Postby centeractive » 16 Aug 2012, 20:25

After some intense weeks fully immersed in work, we have finally released Opensphere 2.5.1 to the public. The Opensphere release 2.5.1 features a broad set of new features and improvements that will help testers and developers make their regression testing of messaging and web service solutions even more effective. The 2.5.1 release features include:

- Automatic creation of JMS configurations now available for Tibco™ EMS, ActiveMQ and JBoss HornetQ
- Project specific management of SSL key stores for web services
- Improved Opensphere batch runner for CI integration
- Support for Tibco™ EMS extensions such as nested JMS map messages
- New substitution variable types for system properties and environment variables
- Reworked installation kits
- Downloads available with or without JRE on user request

Plus the new features from the 2.5.0 release, which is a major rework of the 2.4.x series:

- Slick and dynamic web service servers and clients without generation of class files
- Comparison test steps for XML, CSV and text files
- New substitution variable types for passwords
- Javascript support for substitution variables
- Opensphere project overview showing all test resources in a concise, graphical view
- New SQL Query Viewer
- Faster and less memory consuming JMS provider definitions

The 2.5.1 release also contains 40+ bug fixes, and we think it is one of the best tested Opensphere releases we have made so far. However, we are keen to get even more user feedback enabling us to discover what people like and dislike about Opensphere.

A software product is never completely tested and always contains bugs; this is also true for a product like Opensphere that aims at regression testing messaging and web service integration. If you find a bug or if you notice an important feature that is missing in Opensphere, please let us know in or ... re-contact, so we can fix it in the next upcoming release in fall 2012!

The Opensphere 2.5.1 installation kits are available for download on ... opensphere. As usual, there are kits for the fully featured Opensphere Test Suite as well as an Opensphere Message Detector kit for people who just want one of the best message sniffers for JMS and Tibco™ Rendezvous.

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