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Invalid Message Format problem

Posted: 11 Sep 2012, 20:41
by waclaw

I'm using Opensphere together with HornetQ JMS provider. When I'm trying to send MapMessage with float[] field defined using JMS Message Producer component, I get something like this:

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[2012-09-11 20:34:25] initialize program...
[2012-09-11 20:34:25]   destination HornetQQueue[DLQ]
[2012-09-11 20:34:25] queue sender initialized (queue = /queue/DLQ)
[2012-09-11 20:34:25] Invalid Message Format: The message contains data types not supported by your JMS provider and probably not by the JMS standard either
[2012-09-11 20:34:25] ...program JMS Message Producer stopped

other array types also fail. What's the problem?


Re: Invalid Message Format problem

Posted: 19 Sep 2012, 07:00
by urs.minder
The JMS standard only allows strings, primitive data types and byte arrays inside a map message. Some JMS provider (i.e. TIBCO EMS) extend the standard and also allow nested map messages, string arrays and arrays of primitive data types.

When a message is edited (built) by the user we do not really know what JMS provider he will use to publish it. Therefore Opensphere doesn’t prevent the creation of non-standard JMS map messages.