Opensphere and performance tests

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Opensphere and performance tests

Postby waclaw » 17 Sep 2012, 20:23


I wonder if Opensphere has been designed strictly for quality assuring test cases, or is it optimized for performance related tests as well? I need to stress test my application with huge JMS traffic, and also with messages of a relatively big sizes. Will OS do well with such tasks?

thanks in advance
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Re: Opensphere and performance tests

Postby urs.minder » 19 Sep 2012, 07:22

Opensphere efficiently deals with big JMS messages and can be used for stress tests. You can easily change the type and content of the produced messages, the number of iterations and the sending interval. You can add JMS message producers at your discretion; define JMS consumers that also send reply messages etc.

Opensphere is primarily designed for functional tests, automated regression tests and component virtualization. The program does not report the kind of metrics (throughput, average and peak response times etc.) you would expect from a proper performance tool.

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