Opensphere tests and CI environment.

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Opensphere tests and CI environment.

Postby waclaw » 20 Sep 2012, 23:35


Is it possible to integrate Opensphere test suites with continuous integration environment like Jenkins? I also have other tests and would like to run them under one tool rather than launch Opensphere GUI each time.

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Re: Opensphere tests and CI environment.

Postby cosmin.juravle » 25 Sep 2012, 09:24

Hi Waclaw,

We plan to have a Jenkins plugin for Opensphere batch mode tests in the future.

However there is a custom way to have Opensphere under Jenkins right now, and that's using an ANT plugin. Basically you make use of the way batch mode OS tests are ran, and configure it within a Free-Style Job of Jenkins.

At least that's how we run it for now here, on our CI environments.

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