Producer and consumer files comparison

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Producer and consumer files comparison

Postby waclaw » 25 Oct 2012, 22:15


I'm in doubt when it comes to simple verification, if a message came intact form producer to consumer. Let me give an example. I have JMS producer P which has its message defined in a P.jms file. I also have a JMS consumer C, which saves received message in a C.jms file. The last one is a Msg Compare component - it compares (compare all for equality) P.jms (reference) with C.jms. Is this ok? Or should I copy P.jms to REF.jms and use the former one as the reference message? What about the comparison rules, when I change comparison mode to "compare defined only"? Is it recommended to define them in P.jms file? Opensphere allows it.

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Re: Producer and consumer files comparison

Postby urs.minder » 26 Oct 2012, 07:14

As you indicate, your example really only tests if a message sent by a JMS Producer is received unchanged by a corresponding JMS Consumer, all within Opensphere. This actually tests the reliability of Opensphere itself and of the underlying JMS product but is not related to any business use case where you would typically verify the functionality of some external software component.

The reference message used for message comparison should never share the same file as the messages defined for a JMS Producer or for any other publisher/sender component. The message editor inside the JMS Producer properties dialog is not aware of comparison rules, it simply ignores them. If you save your messages from within the JMS Producer properties dialog, previous - and elsewhere - defined comparison rules will always be lost.

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