Disappearing incoming messages file

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Disappearing incoming messages file

Postby waclaw » 28 Dec 2012, 11:56


I've noticed an interesting thing. When I set a file for incoming messages, e.g. incoming.jms in a JMS message consumer component, when I launch a scenario, the file is written correctly. When I change the name to, let's say, incoming2.jms, and replay the scenario, the incoming2.jms file is created. Surprisingly, the incoming.jms file is gone, although I didn't delete it.

The former file must be some how remembered, because when I change the name, but restart Opensphere before rerunning the scenario, I have both files.

Can this behavior be explained?

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Re: Disappearing incoming messages file

Postby urs.minder » 28 Dec 2012, 15:53

The behavior of Opensphere in this case is wrong. I entered the bug #1830 in our internal bug tracking system. It's scheduled it to be fixed in the upcoming Opensphere release 2.6.0.
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Re: Disappearing incoming messages file

Postby adem9438 » 30 Oct 2013, 08:39

Message comparison component offers few comparison methods: "compare all for equality", "compare equality not structure" etc. It's not very clear to me how and when they should be used. Could you please explain it with details, and maybe give some examples of typical usage scenarios for each of the comparison methods?
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