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Postby waclaw » 04 Oct 2012, 19:00


Currently in the project explorer tree it possible to select only one item at a time. I think it could be very useful to group items and perform group actions for them like delete, export or run (for tests). For a particular group only actions which are common for all members should be proposed. Grouping could have a form of holding Ctrl button and selecting subsequent members.

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Re: Grouping

Postby urs.minder » 20 Oct 2012, 11:31

There exists a 1:1 relationship between the selected node in the left located project tree and the displayed data in the right located node detail view. The detail view is updated accordingly each time a different node is selected. If we allow multiple multiple node selection, this pattern could not be followed anymore but the user would have to double-click a node in order to have its detail data shown in the detail view. In our opinion this would slow down the work with Opensphere.

You can perform some group actions today already:

  • Folder nodes are typically used to group components. The folder accepts other folders as dependents and lets you build your own component hierarchy.
  • When the start button is pressed while a certain folder within the project tree is selected, all its direct dependent executable nodes are started. The same, if the stop button on a selected folder is pressed, all its direct dependent executable nodes stop running.
  • Folder nodes, test suites and test cases can be exported to a file with all their dependent nodes and imported to other projects or simply to another location within the same project.

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